French Toast and eggs!


Clint: I can make French Toast and eggs.

Tony: Steve doesn’t like French toast.

Steve: I’ll eat eggs.

Tony: You can’t have just eggs. So you’ll have to make sausage too.

Natasha: I’d rather have bacon.

Tony: He can make both. Oh but Bruce only eats healthy.

Bruce: Eggs are healthy Tony.

Tony: You can’t have just eggs!

Bruce: I’ll have French toast with fruit.

Peter: We’re out of bananas.

Bruce: I’ll chunk up apples.

Peter: But bananas are better. Unless you can cook the apples with a little bit of cinnamon.

Natasha: Oh yeah! And if you have the cinnamon out you might as well make monkey bread.

Clint: I hate cooking for snobby rich superheroes. They always expect whatever they want to be right at their fingertips.



Clint: That’s an option as well. What would you all want with it?

Steve: Would garlic bread be okay?

Tony: Bruce wants salad with his.

Bruce: Tony stop giving Clint more work.

Tony: While you’re at it, another jet.

Peter: Then I want Deadpool.

Natasha: Ooh have you seen that kid’s ass? I want one of those too.

Peter: Nat! He’s taken.

Clint: So are you! You guys need to calm down or you’re getting nothing.

Natasha: You’ll be getting nothing too then.

Double chocolate fudge cupcakes with extra fudge!


Clint: Can you all at least agree on this?

Steve: Yes.

Peter: Of course.

Natasha: Hell yes.

Tony: Yes! Well…

Bruce: Yes. I’ll still eat a little bit of it Tony.



Clint: Okay, here’s the deal. You guys have till six thirty to decide what you want. People can keep sending suggestions, and you all can duke it out over it.

Peter: Chimichangas!

Natasha: Just dessert.

Steve: Spaghetti.

Tony: Anything chocolate. And maybe vodka.

Bruce: I want the breakfast.

Clint: Oh great.


Clint: So it seems I’m making monkey bread, eggs, chimichangas, spaghetti, and brownies.

Tony: And a jet.

Peter: And Deadpool.

Natasha: Double that last order.

Steve: I wouldn’t mind a less egotistical boyfriend.

Tony: That’s what Bruce is for. It’s practically the only reason he’s here.

Bruce: I’m sorry Clint. I’ll go help you cook.

Clint: I can’t deal with this shit.

Natasha: If you do, I’ll reward you very well.

Tony: Don’t forget the vodka.


Peter: So if you guys want any really interesting answers now would be the time.

Steve: Tony, Clint, and Natasha have all had more than their fair share of vodka.

Bruce: And I’m getting ready to leave and go to the hulk room when things start getting crazy.

Steve: I don’t think that will take much— Clint put that down!


Tony: Guys I just want to tell you that I really fucking love all of you.

Steve: Tony give me that!

Tony: Natasha catch!

Steve: Don’t throw the laptop!

Natasha: It’s fine Steve, I caught it. My reflex skills are perfect no matter how slammed I am.

Steve: Still.

Natasha: What am I going…


Peter: They’re all finally waking up.

Bruce: Steve and I have been up for hours!

Steve: And I’m so freaking tired.

Tony: Come Steve you can’t even start to complain.

Bruce: You’re fault Tony.

Natalie: We probably have to go home pretty soon. I just hope no one is in any sort of mortal danger today.

Out if EVERYONE THERE who would win in a battle?


((Sorry mun didn’t see this, so lll answer it like everyone’s still there.))

Natasha: Well me, obviously, if given enough time.

Tony: Oh please, you’re not even super.

Natasha: Neither are you.

Tony: Super sexy.

Clint: I’d agree with Nat.

Steve: Bruce could you handle this?

Peter: Without becoming a major geek please.

Bruce: I think, given enough time, I’d have to side with Nat. She’s good at our job.

Tony: You just know Nat will cut off your balls if you say otherwise.

Clint: It’s a legitimate concern.


Peter: Hey everyone, since I’m at school so hopefully my dads aren’t looking, I figured now would be a good time to ask you what you think about asking Wade to prom. Should I? Should we even go? If so, how should I ask him? Is it worth the stress?